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Acticoat* Absorbent

Acticoat* Absorbent

Acticoat* Absorbent
This information is intended for Healthcare Professionals only

Acticoat* Absorbent

Acticoat* Absorbent with SILCRYST TM nanocrystals is an absorbent alginate dressing incorporating nanocrystalline silver on both sides of the dressing to provide antimicrobial protection and absorbency.

  • Highly absorbent alginate
  • Nanocrystalline Silver Antimicrobial barrier
  • Fast-acting
  • Long-lasting
  • Effective barrier to over 150 pathogens in vitro 1,2
  • Helps prevent infection
  • Reduces risk of colonization
  • Effective barrier to bacterial penetration
  • Helps maintain a moist wound environment
  • Easy to use
  • Low adherence to the moist wound
  • Calcium alginate fabric
  • Absorbs exudate 3
  • Fast-acting, kills bacteria in as little as 2hrs 4 in vitro.
  • Acticoat* Absorbent dressing provides a long-lasting antimicrobial barrier 5 which helps to prevent and reduce infection.
  • Sustained release of silver into the dressing and to the wound bed 6 to provide antimicrobial protection.
  • Dressing can remain in place for up to 7 days 3,7,8,9 depending on the nature of the wound and level of exudate present.
  • Helps to maintain moist wound healing environment 10, to assist faster healing.
  • Prevents and reduces infection. 4,11,12
  • Conforms to wound contours.
  • Does not adhere to the delicate tissues in the wound bed. 7

As an antimicrobial absorbent dressing over partial and full thickness wounds such as:Pressure Ulcers, Venous Ulcers, Diabetic Ulcers, Burns, Donor and Recipient Graft Sites and Cavity wounds.

Acticoat* Absorbent may be used on infected wounds. Where the product is used on infected wounds the infection should be inspected and treated as per local clinical protocol.

Contraindications / Precautions


  • Whilst Acticoat* Absorbent assists in the management of wounds prone to minor bleeding, it is not intended to be used as a surgical sponge or to achieve haemostasis in heavily bleeding wounds.
  • Acticoat* Absorbent is not compatible with oil-based products, such as petrolatum
  • Avoid contact with electrodes or conductive gels during electronic measurements e.g. EEG and ECG.
  • Do not use if product colour is not uniform.
  • Ensure that the packing in cavities, sinuses etc has been removed.
  • The dressing may adhere if used on very lightly exuding wounds. If the dressing is not easily removed, moisten it with sterile water then remove.

  • Do not use on patients with a known sensitivity to silver or alginates
  • Do not use on patients undergoing MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) examination
  • Do not use on dry or non-exuding wounds

Nanocrystalline Silver is a patented technology of NUCRYST Pharmaceuticals Corp.
TM SILCRYST is a trademark of NUCRYST Pharaceuticals Corp, used under licence
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66001760 ACTICOAT Absorbent Antimicrobial Dressing 5cm x 5cm x 5 dressings Pack 1 20
66000841 ACTICOAT Absorbent Antimicrobial Dressing 10cm x 12.5cm x 5 dressings Pack 1 20
66000840 ACTICOAT Absorbent Antimicrobial Dressing 2cm x 30cm x 5 dressings Pack 1 20