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Iodosorb Summary of Slides

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  Iodosorb* 0.9% Cadexomer Iodine




Dr Gordon Dow Presentation: Summary of Slides


  Ischaemic Ulcers Slide Summary

Slide 1

· Ishaemic ulcer of the left ankle in an 80+ year old female
· Necrotic dermis - wound has been present for months



Slide 2
· Ulcer with Iodoflex* Paste in-situ



Slide 3
· Visible wound contraction
· Granulation tissue showing
· Healthier wound edges
· Wound healed completely within another 6 weeks


Photo of an ischaemic ulcer on the ankle.


Photo of Iodosorb on a wound.


Photo of a healed wound on an ankle.



  Pressure Ulcers Slide Summary


Slide 1
· Pressure ulcer study comparing Cadexomer Iodine to saline gauze
· 76% wound healing at 20 weeks versus 57% decrease in the ulcer area
· Significant improvement in wound healing compared with standard treatment
· 6 Pressure Ulcers had completely healed by that time
· Greater reduction in pain for the patient







Table showing Pressure Sore Healing and Cadexomer Iodine.

  Diabetic and Venous Ulcers Slide Summary




Slide 1
· Diabetic patient with peripheral vascular disease
· Ulcer on pre-tibial area of left leg



Slide 2
· Iodosorb* ointment applied


Slide 3
· Allevyn* as a secondary dressing



Slide 4
· Granulation achieved






Slide 5

· Same patient one year later fractured her ankle and developed an ulcer over her anterior tibial region which was again treated with Iodosorb






Slide 6

The ankle was again treated with Iodosorb








Photo of an infected venous leg ulcer.


Photo of a venous leg ulcer with a layer of Cadexomer Iodine on top.


Photo of a leg covered in Allevyn.



Photo of a granulating wound.


Photo of a healed wound on the ankle.

  Ischaemic Ulcers Slide Summary


Slide 1
· Iodosorb works on bacteria fungi and viruses
· A wound dressing that reduces critical colonisation
· Should be used on necrotic infected wounds that need to be debrided
· Iodosorb debrides gently


Slide showing the Functional Activity of Iodosorb.