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Iodosorb* 0.9% Cadexomer Iodine



G.Lindsay, D.Latta, K.G.B. Lyons, E.D. Livingstone,
Acta Therapeutica 12 (1986) 141-148



A Study in General Practice of the Efficacy of Cadexomer Iodine in Venous Leg Ulcers Treated on Alternate Days


Clinical Paper Abstract

Twenty-eight patients with chronic, exuding venous ulcers of the lower limbs were entered into a multi-centred randomised optional cross over study using cadexomer iodine or a standard treatment based upon non-adherent dressings and support bandaging. These patients were to have their ulcers managed in the community by general practitioners. The trial continued for ten weeks or until the ulcer had healed. At the crossover point (week 4), cadexomer iodine produced a 33.6% reduction of ulcer area compared with a 4.2% reduction in the standard treatment group (p < 0.005). Cadexomer iodine also produced significantly better results for the following criteria when compared to standard therapy: odour (p < 0.002), pain (p < 0.002), pus (p < 0.002), exudate (p < 0.002), erythema (p < 0.005), and oedema (p < 0.002).


Slough Removal Antibacterial Efficacy Sustained Antibacterial effect Exudate Management Effective Wound Healing Odour Patient Comfort Cost/Time Savings Sensitivity