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Iodosorb* 0.9% Cadexomer Iodine



K.R. Vowden, P.Vowden
J Wound Care (1999) 8 (5) 237-240



Wound Debridement, Part 1: Non-sharp techniques


Clinical Review Abstract

The first article of a two part update on wound debridement. The techniques of debridement: autolytic, mechanical, chemical, enzymatic and biological are discussed. Wound care, of which debridement is only one part, must be related to overall patient care. The patient's condition and acceptance of treatment will influence outcome and time to healing. Although the paper refers to the lack of evidence to support the continued use of iodine solutions (chemical debridement), Cadexomer Iodine dressings are referred to and may have advantages in heavily exudating infected wounds, providing controlled release of iodine to the wound surface.


Slough Removal Antibacterial Efficacy Sustained Antibacterial effect Exudate Management Effective Wound Healing Odour Patient Comfort Cost/Time Savings Sensitivity