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Iodosorb* 0.9% Cadexomer Iodine



J Wound Care (1997) 6 (3): 148-150



Should Iodine be reconsidered in Wound Management?


Consensus Meeting Report

A report of a consensus meeting on the use of iodine in wound care. The paper outlines the proceedings of a meeting between a group of clinicians, scientists and industry representatives who met under the sponsorship of the European Tissue Repair Society to discuss the use of iodine. Although the papers presented related to specific formulations, the term iodine tended to be used for all formulations. However, it is clear that the various products, such as povidone iodine and cadexomer iodine show quite different characteristics in their component parts and in their concentration of available iodine that is released when they are used. The debate about the pros and cons of iodine is far from resolved. There is a large amount of published evidence available and, although it is generally in support of the use of iodine products, it is confused by being a mix of studies. Many of the concerns about iodine are based on the toxicity of older formulations containing elemental iodine, or arise from in-vitro studies which may not be relevant to in-vivo situations.


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