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Iodosorb* 0.9% Cadexomer Iodine



G. A. Holloway, KAJ H. Johansen, R.W. Barnes, G.E.
The Western Journal of Medicine, July 1989 151; 1 35- 38



Multicentre Trial of Cadexomer Iodine to Treat Venous Stasis Ulcer


Clinical Paper Abstract

In a crossover study designed to judge the efficacy of the topical polymeric starch iodophore, cadexomer iodine, in accelerating the healing of venous stasis ulcers, 75 patients were prospectively randomly assigned to receive either cadexomer iodine or standard treatment. The control treatment consisted of a standard saline wet to dry compressive dressing. The patients improved with either treatment: ulcers healed more than twice as rapidly using cadexomer iodine (n=38) as with standard therapy (n=37) (p= 0.0025). Ulcers treated with cadexomer iodine showed trends towards less pain, exudate, pus and debris, and a more rapid development of granulation tissue. Twelve patients crossed over from the control treatment to the use of cadexomer iodine because of a failure to heal, but no patients switched to control therapy from the use of cadexomer iodine (p= 0.01). Except for occasional mild local burning in wounds treated with cadexomer iodine, no adverse effects were noted with either regimen.


Slough Removal Antibacterial Efficacy Sustained Antibacterial effect Exudate Management Effective Wound Healing Odour Patient Comfort Cost/Time Savings Sensitivity