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Iodosorb* 0.9% Cadexomer Iodine



V. Falanga
Proceedings of the 6th European Conference on
Advances in Wound Management, 1997



Iodine Containing Pharmaceuticals: a Reappraisal


Clinical Review Abstract

Slow release iodine preparations have been marketed for many years and have proven to be effective agents in the treatment of chronic wounds. Numerous clinical trials using cadexomer iodine preparations have shown that this form of topical iodine is an effective antimicrobial agent and is useful in wound debridement, stimulation of granulation tissue, and overall wound healing. However, because of fears of cytotoxicity generated by older preparations containing iodine, clinical acceptance of these new products has been slower than anticipated. This report summarises the evidence available indicating the usefulness of cadexomer iodine in wound treatment, and provides a preliminary report on a consensus conference on iodine in wound healing hosted by the European Tissue Repair Society in Oxford in January 1996. This consensus conference, which enjoyed the participation of a number of experts in wound healing, concluded that slow-release iodine preparations appear to be effective and safe agents in wound healing.


Slough Removal Antibacterial Efficacy Sustained Antibacterial effect Exudate Management Effective Wound Healing Odour Patient Comfort Cost/Time Savings Sensitivity