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Iodosorb* 0.9% Cadexomer Iodine



H. Laudanska and B. Gustavson.
The Journal of International Medical Research
1988; 16: 428-435



In Patient Treatment of Chronic Varicose Venous Ulcers. A Randomized Trial of Cadexomer Iodine versus Standard Dressing


Clinical Paper Abstract

A total of 67 patients with treatment resistant chronic venous ulcers were admitted to hospital for 6 weeks of bed rest and daily dressings. The patients came from a rural area in Poland with poor socio-economic conditions. They were randomised to treatment with either standard dressings or with cadexomer iodine. After 6 weeks all but four patients had shown a clear reduction of ulcer area; the mean reduction was 54% within the former group and 71% with cadexomer iodine. The latter treatment was significantly more effective than the standard hospital dressings in debriding the ulcer, accelerating healing and reducing pain. Elevation of serum concentrations of protein bound iodine occurred after treatment with cadexomer iodine in patients with large ulcers, but tests of thyroid function showed no changes associated with the use of cadexomer iodine. It is concluded that cadexomer iodine significantly accelerates the healing of chronic, infected, treatment resistant, venous ulcers in hospitalised patients.


Slough Removal Antibacterial Efficacy Sustained Antibacterial effect Exudate Management Effective Wound Healing Odour Patient Comfort Cost/Time Savings Sensitivity