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Environmental Policy

West Coast, South Island
  Auckland Business Care Enviromark Programme: Smith & Nephew New Zealand joined the Auckland BusinessCare Enviromark Programme in August 2004 as part of its commitment to Corporate Responsibility.   This programme required us to achieve Enviromark Bronze level within six months, Enviromark Silver level within a year and Enviromark Gold level within two years. We achieved all these targets.   The Enviromark programme is designed to help business reduce their adverse environmental impacts by:
  • Using resources like water, energy and raw material more efficiently
  • Producing and purchasing environmentally sound products and services
  • Avoiding or reducing all forms of waste.
  Enviromark NZ is an environmental management certification system for business which has five levels of achievement, (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond), and covers compliance with health, safety and environmental legislation, development and implementation of environmental policy, operational documentation and continuous improvement.   Enviromark NZ Bronze Standard - Compliance Compliance with the most commonly applied Environmental and Health & Safety legislation.   Achieved 9 March 2005 Enviromark NZ Silver Standard - Commitment Publication of an appropriate Environmental Policy, built upon a determination of environmental impact.   Achieved 3 August 2005 Enviromark NZ Gold Standard - Continuous Improvement This level is achieved through the implementation and monitoring of objectives and targets. This stage evaluates our ability to establish, record and meet targets and objectives which:
  • Drive Smith & Nephew to continual improvement in environmental performance, site management and visual aesthetics.
  • Are relevant, appropriate, achievable and measurable
  • Play an important strategic part in helping Smith & Nephew to improve efficiency and competitiveness.
  • Anticipate future legislation and market trends and expectations.
  Achieved 27 July 2006 To retain Enviromark Gold level we are required to pass yearly audits. Smith & Nephew Diamond Enviromark Certificate   Achieved 3 July 2008 Enviromark Platinum and Diamond level simultaneously. Only the 10th New Zealand to acheive these levels.     Although the Auckland BusinessCare Enviromark Programme is finalised and we have met its targets Smith & Nephew regards this process as part of the continuing journey towards sustainability.
It is the policy of Smith & Nephew: To include environmental issues in all planning and decision making throughout the Organisation;
  • To develop for the Auckland site a continual improvement programme to reduce the environmental impact of our products and services, We will progressively extend this to include suppliers to Smith & Nephew;
  • To pro-actively set and review environmental objectives and targets and provide a documented environmental management system to facilitate achieving these;
  • To pay special regard to environmental issues within the communities in which its operations are located, and ensure compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations and actively prevent pollution;
  • To encourage involvement in, and understanding of environmental issues particularly related to the healthcare industry;
  • To communicate with employees and on-site contractors through the most appropriate channels the content of this policy and other environmental matters.
  • To promote employee participation in voluntary environmental projects, such as recycling and waste reduction.
We made a commitment to review this policy regularly. We recognise that as our understanding of sustainable development improves, that it may be necessary to
re-examine this environmental policy and other policies. (Updated July 2009)