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Suture Anchor

Product Information

Revolutionizing rotator cuff repair with an open-architecture design

The HEALICOIL PK Suture Anchor differs from conventional solid-core implants by eliminating the inner diameter material. This allows for the bone to interdigitate within the anchor thread profile, providing excellent fixation security.* Even with a reduced volume of material, this anchor provides a superior level of biomechanical performance that surgeons
can have real confidence in.*

Less material with open-architecture design
• Unique open architecture reduces material left in the shoulder compared to conventional sold-core anchors; advantageous in double-row rotator cuff repair where multiple anchors are used.

Extended, fully-threaded anchor provides superior pullout strength
• Extended, fully-threaded anchor design provides significantly more threaded engagement than leading competitive anchors, delivering greater pullout strength in poor-quality, osteoporotic bone.*

100% inserter engagement provides high torsional strength
• The HEALICOIL Inserter engages 100% the anchor's length, minimizing stress and providing predictable insertion - essential when placing anchors into hard bone.*

Proven biocompatibility from PEEK-OPTIMA® Polymer from Invibio®
• Proven biocompatibility, strength, and radiolucency.

*. ITR-4700: HEALICOIL Suture Anchor competitive testing. Data on file, September 2011.


HEALICOIL Shoulder Suture Anchor

Reference # Description
72203378 4.5 mm HEALICOIL PK Suture Anchor with two ULTRABRAID™
  (#2) Sutures (blue, blue-Cobraid), sterile
72203379 5.5 mm HEALICOIL PK Suture Anchor with two ULTRABRAID
  (#2) Sutures (blue, blue-Cobraid), sterile

5.5 mm HEALICOIL PK Suture Anchor with three ULTRABRAID


(#2) Sutures (blue, blue-Cobraid, Cobraid-black), sterile

Accessory Devices

72202621 3.8 mm Tapered Awl, disposable
72201915 3.8 mm Tapered Awl, reusable
72203335 4.5 mm HEALICOIL Awl Dilator, reusable
72203336 5.5 mm HEALICOIL Awl Dilator, reusable
72203482 3.5 mm HEALICOIL Spade Tip Drill for use with the 4.5 mm
72203483 4.5 mm HEALICOIL Spade Tip Drill for use with the 5.5 mm