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Interference Screw


Versatility, durability and safety for all your graft fixation needs.
You want a comprehensive solution to handle any ACL repair you encounter. The BIOSURE HA family of interference screws gives you an all-purpose range of screws and instrumentation, incorporating the latest proven technologies to help you deliver exceptional graft fixation. Whether you're doing single or double bundle reconstruction, fixating on the tibial or femoral side, or using soft tissue or bone-tendon-bone grafts, our line of products can meet all your patient needs.

Broad range of sizes

BIOSURE HA interference screws are available in 24 sites, including 6mm screws for double bundle repairs and reverse thread screws for right knees. You'll find the perfect fit, no matter what your preferred technique or patient's anatomical requirements.

The right tools for easy insertion

Optimal versatility extends beyond our screw sizes. We offer a full line of instrumentation available in ratcheted or non-ratcheted versions. After all, your tools should adapt to you, not the other way around.

Trusted biocompatibility

PLA-HA combines poly-L-lactic acid (PLA) with hydroxyapatite (HA), a calcium phosphate similar to the mineral compound of bone. Once absorbed, it has the fracture resistance of human cortical bone. And unlike other materials where HA has been derived from animal or caralline sources, our material does not exhibit natural variability or immunological hazards. All of which makes PLA-HA the safest choice in surgery.

Enhanced durability

BIOSURE HA screws and drivers are designed to reduce screw breakages by optimizing stress distribution and force transfer. Both the screw well and driver have been lenthened, so the driver inserts all the way to the tip. The screw also features a tapered body for ease of insertion, and a consistent wall thickness throughout for added durability. All of this amounts to a screw that can stand up to the pressure.

For optimal versatility, durability and safety, choose the family of screws that overshadows the rest.

Ordering Information

BIOSURE HA Interference Screw

72201768 6mm x 20mm
72201769 6mm x 25mm
72201770 6mm x 25mm, Reverse Thread
72201771 7mm x 20mm
72201772 7mm x 25mm
72201773 7mm x 25mm, Reverse Thread
72201774 7mm x 30mm
72201775 8mm x 20mm
72201776 8mm x 25mm
72201777 8mm x 25mm, Reverse Thread
72201778 8mm x 30mm
72201779 8mm x 35mm
72201780 9mm x 20mm
72201781 9mm x 25mm
72201782 9mm x 30mm
72201783 9mm x 35mm
72201784 10mm x 20mm
72201785 10mm x 25mm
72201786 10mm x 30mm
72201787 10mm x 35mm
72201788 11mm x 25mm
72201789 11mm x 30mm
72201790 11mm x 35mm
72201791 12mm x 35mm

BIOSURE HA Guide Wires

7211137 Guide Wire, 1.2mm x 9" Box of 5 Sterile
7211138 Guide Wire, 1.2mm x 12" Box of 5 Sterile
72201201 Guide Wire, 1.2 mm x 18" Box of 5 Sterile


72201887 BIOSURE Driver

BIOSURE Ratchet Driver

(Requires Part Number 7207707)

7207707 Ratcheting Handle with Hudson Adaptor

BIOSURE HA Tap Systems

BIOSURE Tap System
72201889 BIOSURE Tap 6mm
72201890 BIOSURE Tap 7mm
72201891 BIOSURE Tap 8mm
72201892 BIOSURE Tap 9mm
72201893 BIOSURE Tap 10mm
72201887 BIOSURE Driver
72201190 BIOSURE EASY TAP 6mm
72201191 BIOSURE EASY TAP 7mm
72201192 BIOSURE EASY TAP 8mm
72201193 BIOSURE EASY TAP 9mm
72201194 BIOSURE EASY TAP 10mm
72201888 BIOSURE Ratchet Driver
7207707 Ratcheting Handle with Hudson Adaptor