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Advanced Wound Management

Addressing the Human and Economic Cost of Wounds

Smith & Nephew's Advanced Wound Management business offers a range of products from initial wound bed preparation through to full wound closure.

These products are targeted at chronic wounds associated with the older population, such as pressure sores, diabetic foot ulcers and venous leg ulcers. There are also products for the treatment of wounds such as burns and from invasive surgery that impact the wider population.

Wound Care Solutions

Wound Care ProvisionWound management can be a complex treatment area, with chronic wounds, acute wounds and surgical wounds each having their own characteristics; but wounds, much like the people affected by them, need to be treated on an individual basis.

With our wide portfolio of wound care solutions we focus on addressing the human and economic cost of wounds to deliver better outcomes for patients and budgets alike.

With solutions for wound prevention and initial wound bed preparation through to full wound closure, supported by a continual stream of product development and innovation, we’re working hard to help you manage wound care plans more effectively for your patients, and with lower overall costs to produce better outcomes.


Chronic Wounds

Chronic wounds are generally associated with an aging population, with wounds such as pressure sores, venous leg ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers being typical examples. Healing chronic wounds can be a challenging task. They often produce high amounts of exudate and are frequently exposed to potential infection.

ALLEVYN DressingsWe've designed the ALLEVYN dressing family to help you provide your patient with the best path to wound closure.

The ALLEVYN hydrocellular dressings range has been considerably enhanced by new versions introduced in recent years. These provide efficient fluid management and an optimal moist wound environment that promotes faster healing of the wound1, reduced risk of maceration and protection from infection2. ALLEVYN includes ALLEVYN Ag, a set of dressings combining the infection management capabilities of silver with ALLEVYN. 

Then, there’s DURAFIBER, a highly absorbent, non-woven gelling fibre filler dressing. Composed from a unique blend of cellulose based fibres, DURAFIBER provides a versatile solution for the management of medium to heavily exuding chronic and acute full thickness, partial thickness or shallow granulating wounds.


Managing Infection

Infection management is a vital part of the wound healing process and we’re always conscious of every opportunity to reduce incidence of infection when developing new product innovations.


“Wound Infection continues to be a challenging problem world-wide, representing a considerable healthcare burden. Early recognition, along with prompt, appropriate and effective intervention, are more important than ever in reducing economic and health consequences, especially in the context of growing resistance to antitbioics.”

Professor Keith Harding 
Wound Infection in clinical practise: shaping the future
A Consensus Document (2008)


The ACTICOAT family are a unique range of antimicrobial barrier dressings for use over partial, full thickness and acute wounds.

IODOSORB and IODOFLEX are cadexomer matrix dressings containing Iodine. This range of cadexomer based products contains 0.9% iodine to effectively remove multiple barriers to healing and has been shown to reduce pain and odour associated with chronic wounds.3


Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

PICONegative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) is one of the oldest forms of medicinal therapy used to heal the human body. Over the past decade there has been a significant increase in the use of this therapy and today NPWT provides clinicians with an important option for the advanced management of a variety of chronic and acute wounds.

The PICO System, our latest innovation provides single use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy, while RENASYS offers you flexibility through a choice of easy to use, intuitive devices and a range of foam and gauze dressing kits.



Wound SpecialistsOur product development scientists are constantly testing new and innovative solutions to create better outcomes for patients and budgets, continually bringing new ideas and fresh thinking to the management of wounds.

Recent innovations include ALLEVYN Life, a new range of dressings designed for people with wounds and providing them with security, confidence and protection to go about their everyday life.

The Human Shaped Wound Care range of ALLEVYN dressings are a unique range of ALLEVYN Gentle Border dressings designed especially for the contours of the human body.

ACTICOAT Flex offers a highly conformable interface between the site of injury and secondary dressing. Protection is also provided through its sustained antimicrobial performance, killing pathogenic organisms common to wounds in order to reduce the risk of infection.4

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