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Revision Hip System



SPECTRON cemented hip system has a proven track record dating back to 1983. The femoral stems are non-polished. This system is easy to use and was introduced in 1983 as a complete hip system with primary and revision indications. The instrumentation is a broach only system, which makes for a simple, straightforward surgical technique that is highly reproducible.

Features and Benefits:
21 stems in revision system address broad anatomic variances
Clinical support for the design
Forged cobalt chrome
Trapezoidal cross section
12/14 Taper
Circulotrapezoidal Neck
High Offset Options
50 degree A/P Medial Collar
Inline Driving Platform
Proximal Roughening
A/P Cement Grooves
Revision Systems offer long straight stems
Revision Systems offer neck replacement stems


Circulotrapezoidal Neck - provides increased range of motion compared to a circular neck of the same strength.

Anterior/Posterior Grooves - increases rotational stability without increasing cement stresses.

Trapezoidal Stem Cross Section - ideal stem geometry to minimize tensile stresses and aid in compressing the cement under load.

Longitudinal Stem Taper - allows the stresses to be distributed throughout the length of the implant and enhances compressive loading of the cement.

Forged Cobalt Chrome Material - material of choice for cemented stems to reduce stem fractures and minimize generation of third particle debris. The system is comprised of 21 implants in various stem lengths and head/neck offsets.

Long Straight Implant - designed for revision of femoral distal defects such as holes, windows, or fractures around the end of the previously implanted stem.

Neck Replacment Implant - In addition to the indications for the Long Straight implant, the Neck Replacement implant can be used in both primary and revision arthroplasty where bone stock is deficient to the neck area due to femoral neck fracture or failure of a primary stem leading to resorption or destruction of the calcar area.
10 Keyed trial necks (5 S/O & 5 H/O)