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Resultaten en documenten

De POLARSTEM is in 2002 ontwikkeld, en daarmee al meer dan 15 jaar op de markt. In xxxx is de steel door xxxxx geclassificeerd met een ODEP 5A*. Zeer goede resultaten Bacon ipsum dolor amet biltong ham hock bacon, corned beef swine tri-tip pig ground round bresaola porchetta beef ribs. Chuck ball tip drumst NJR 2015 beste heupcombo.




OXINIUM is a hard, abrasion-resistant and wettable surface which helps to minimise wear and friction between the articulating surfaces in total hip replacement. OXINIUM technology offers the low wear of a ceramic without the fracture risk and, the mechanical properties of a metal but with increased corrosion resistance. It is produced by heating an alloy of 97.5 weight % zirconium – 2.5 weight % niobium in air, so that the outer surface of the femoral head is transformed to form a 5 μm ceramic oxide – it is not a coating.

ASMA - EMAA 2005
Established in 1969, the Engineering Materials Achievement Award recognizes an outstanding achievement inmaterials or materials systems. In 2005 S&N were awarded this prestigious award for the development of Oxinium.

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