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Applying Iodosorb Dressing

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Iodosorb Cadexomer Matrix with Iodine



Applying Iodosorb Dressing




Image of a wound being cleaned with a syringe.

Step 1:

Choose a suitable size of dressing for the wound.


Step 2:

Clean the wound and surrounding area with a gentle

stream of sterile water or saline.


Image of the carrier gauze being removed from IODOSORB dressing.

Step 3:

Remove carrier gauze on both sides of the dressing.


Image of IODOSORB dressing being moulded.

Step 4:

Iodosorb dressing can be moulded or cut to fit wound.


Step 5:

Apply Iodosorb to wound surface.

Image of a secondary dressing being applied.

Step 6:

Cover with an appropriate secondary dressing e.g. Melolin* or Allevyn*.


Step 7:

Iodosorb dressing can be used for up to 3 months in a single course of treatment.

Iodosorb dressing