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Iodosorb* Abstract 3

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Iodosorb Cadexomer Matrix with Iodine


A Retrospective Review of the Use of Cadexomer Iodine in the Treatment of Chronic Wounds

J. Sundberg, R. Meller

Wounds (1997) 9 (3) 68-86



An extensive literature review on cadexomer iodine dressing, Iodosorb. The published evidence from almost 10,000 patients now supports the efficacy and safety of cadexomer iodine in treating a variety of ulcer types, including sloughy and infected (“dirty”) wounds. These studies showed cadexomer iodine to be as effective as or more effective than standard treatments, using both objective and subjective measures of wound healing. Cadexomer iodine is well tolerated, with adverse events typically mild, transient, and rarely resulting in discontinuation of treatment. Safety studies also showed that cadexomer iodine posed minimal risk to thyroid function or to those with a tendency toward allergic skin reactions. In bacteriological studies cited, cadexomer iodine was more effective than other treatments in reducing bacterial infection.