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Iodosorb* Abstract 2

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Iodosorb Cadexomer Matrix with Iodine


Slow release iodine preparation and wound healing: In vitro effects consistent with lack of in vivo toxicity in human chronic wounds

L.H Zhou, W.K. Nahm, E.Badiavas, T. Yufit, V, Falanga.

British Journal of Dermatology.





Antiseptic agents, particularly slow-release preparations, are increasingly being used in the management of chronic wounds. One such agent, cadexomer iodine, carries iodine (0.9% weight/weight) immobilized in beads of dextrin and epichlorhydrin and has been demonstrated to be highly effective in promoting healing of exudative wounds. However, there have been no studies directly assessing the potential lack of toxicity of cadexomer iodine on human cutaneous tissues.