Dr Vicente Gutierrez (CL)

20 February 2018

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In this video, Dr Vicente Gutierrez discusses different ways to examine and diagnose a rotator cuff tear and he talks about when surgery is most likely to be successful and when other treatment methods should be used.

On his conclusion slide, he states that the chance for recurrence is high when there is a big tear, fatty infiltration has occurred or it is an older patient. The rotator cuff repair tries to restore normal insertion of rotator cuff to bone. He also gives his guideline on when to repair, when to not repair and when to observe or look for another solution.

Recorded at:
New Orleans International Advanced Shoulder Symposium
25-27 October, 2017
New Orleans, USA

Chairman: Dr Felix "Buddy" Saviore III (US)
Co-Chairman: Dr Michael O'Brien (US)