Prof Lars Engebretsen (NO)

12 September 2017

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In this video, Dr Engebretsen discusses the diagnosis and arthroscopic treatment of combined ACL – PLC injuries. He recommends to always look for PLC injuries in ACL tear patients. His main summary points are to always look for PLC injuries in ACL tear patients, use MRI and stress-test x-rays to diagnose the patient's injuries, plan for hybrid repairs/reconstructions in acute PLC treatment and consider anatomic PLC reconstructions.

Recorded at:
Vail International Complex Knee Symposium (VICKS)
Anatomic–based Reconstructions

22-24 June, 2017
Vail Marriott Mountain Resort, Colorado, USA
Steadman Philippon Research Institute

Prof Lars Engebretsen (NO)
Prof Robert LaPrade (US)