Dr Kris Govaers (BE)

14 September 2017

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In this video, Dr Govaers discusses the key elements to performing one stage revision hip arthroplasty. He shares when he thinks a hip revision should be done in one stage or two and his five keys to success, which are to re-prep the OR after implant removal, pulsatile lavage, to change gloves after removing the implant and before prepping to revision implant, adding local antibiotics and, most importantly, to not touch the implant before placing it into the patient. His presentation focuses mainly on infection and biofilm prevention in the OR.

Presented during:
The Hip Revision Masterclass
Berlin, Germany
11-12 May, 2017

This masterclass is a highly focused covering all aspects of revision hip surgery. The masterclass will present the medical and surgical management of revision hip surgery and is designed to demonstrate techniques for both acetabular and femoral revision arthroplasty.