Dr Yi Meng Yen (US)

28 March 2017

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In this video, Dr Yi Meng Yang discusses pediatric hip arthroscopy, how skeletally immature patients develop impingements, how the hip develops throughout growth and when to perform hip arthroscopy on a skeletally immature patient.

He also discusses the most common hip disorder in adolescents, SCFE or posterior slippage of proximal femoral epiphysis. He discusses SCFE in detail and how and when to correct SCFE arthroscopically on adolescents.

And finally he discusses perthes disease, which is most common in young males aged 4-8 years old. He describes what perthes disease is and shows case examples of some of his patients with perthes before and after hip arthroscopy.


Presented during:
The Wider Scope of Arthroscopy
Smith & Nephew Fellowship Program
Fall session 2016
Andover, MA, USA
11 September, 2016

Topics covering knee, hip and shoulder arthroscopy from leading faculty.