Dr Edwin P Su (US) and Dr José A Rodriguez (US)

10 July 2017

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In this video, Dr Edwin Su and Dr José Rodriguez debate the pros and cons of hip resurfacing in orthopaedic surgery today. Dr Su takes on the pro hip resurfacing side, arguing that with the correct patient selection, hip resurfacing can give better results than any other hip replacement. He also states that many of his patients who have had hip resurfacing have been able to go back to professional sports, something not likely with a traditional THA. Dr Rodriguez takes on the con argument for hip resurfacing, stating that in the registries and data, hip resurfacing has a poorer outcome than other hip replacement options.

Presented during:
2017 North American Hip & Knee Symposium (NAHKS)
Scottsdale, AZ, USA
April 20-21, 2017

Hip Chairman: Dr Edwin P Su (CA)
Knee Chairman: Dr Michael D Ries (US)