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21 July 2015

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See what all Education and Evidence has to offer, including surgical video, expert presenations, medical literature, courses and more.

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About Education and Evidence 
Education and Evidence has been created with surgeons, for surgeons.

Smith & Nephew is committed to helping health care professionals rise to the challenges in their dynamic clinical environment. Education and Evidence provides access to best practices and the latest thinking – so surgeons can stay up to date and continually advance their knowledge.

Built to deliver knowledge flexibly and efficiently, this website contains +1,500 clinical, workshop and lecture videos, as well as scientific literature, interactive clinical guides and course information. You can search and filter content based on your interests and needs, giving you the ability to customise what you see. With global access, Education and Evidence strives to offer a platform for all to learn, share knowledge and join courses.

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All medical professionals and researchers with an interest in orthopaedics, joint reconstruction, trauma, arthroscopy/sports medicine, wound management and other related fields are welcome to register with Education and Evidence.< br /> Join the Experts - Register online today 

Education Opportunities
Smith & Nephew organises global symposia focusing on specific areas of interest to health care professionals, as well as interactive educational events such as courses, masterclasses and visiting surgeon programs. You can find details of these courses on our events page.