Gianluca Pellino (IT)

9 June 2015

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Presentation recorded at the 6th International NPWT Expert Meeting, Berlin 20-21 March 2015.
General surgery workstream

Age is commonly cited as a risk-factor for colorectal SSI, which in elderly patients can affect mortality. Identifying those patients where prophylactic NPWT can be used may reduce SSI. Gianluca Pellino (IT) presented the results of a “NPWT in colorectal surgery” literature review (submitted for publication) which demonstrated that NPWT reduced the incidence of SSIs. Pellino et al’s 2013 study1 showed that using NPWT prophylactically significantly reduced the development of seroma and SSI, compared to conventional dressings. An extension to this study2 showed that PICO is safe and effective, and facilitates better closure and shorter hospital stay. Dr. Pellino closed with the results of his latest study, which assessed the efficacy of PICO in preventing SSC in patients undergoing breast or colorectal surgery, compared with conventional dressings3. The secondary aim of this open label controlled study was to assess the efficacy and safety in elderly patients. Results showed that PICO significantly reduced SSC in both arms of the study and no significant differences were observed according to age. The authors conclude that PICO is an effective tool to prevent SSC in patients undergoing general surgery and that its use may be recommended in frail, elderly patients, with a higher risk of complications. 


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