Thordur Bjarnason (SE)

9 June 2015

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Presentation recorded at the 6th International NPWT Expert Meeting, Berlin 20-21 March 2015.
General surgery workstream

The use of mesh-mediated fascial traction with NPWT in the Open Abdomen (OA) was presented by Thordur Bjarnason1. In general, the management of OA should provide a cover to retain and protect bowel, room for expansion of abdominal volume, removal of toxins, debris, bacteria and excess fluid from the wound, the prevention of abdominal wall adhesion, and retraction of edges. As many patients require prolonged OA, a novel technique was explored - vacuum-assisted wound closure and mesh-mediated fascial traction (VAWCM). After treatment of 111 consecutive patients, the authors concluded that VAWCM provided a high fascial closure rate after long-term treatment of OA and should be considered when the anticipated duration of the OA is above one week. [Note that Smith & Nephew doesn’t promote the use of RENASYS™ AB with meshmediated fascial traction as there have been no studies yet to demonstrate use in combination] 


1. Acosta S, Bjarnason T, Petersson U, Pålsson B, et al., Multicentre prospective study of fascial closure rate after open abdomen with vacuum and mesh-mediated fascial traction. BJS. 2011. 98; 5:735–743.