Sudheer Karlakki (UK)

9 June 2015

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Presentation recorded at the 6th International NPWT Expert Meeting, Berlin 20-21 March 2015.
Orthopaedic surgery workstream

Sudheer Karlakki discussed the complications of total joint arthroplasty, a procedure which although ‘routine’, is challenging post-operatively; complications include Surgical Site Infection (SSI), wound dehiscence, and prosthesis infection. Pressure from patients to go home quickly (and safely) and from organisations to reduce costs requires risk assessment and prevention. Evidence is available for the use of NPWT prophylactically in orthopaedic surgical wounds1. iNPWT can minimise wound complications, facilitate a more predictable wound healing and therefore reduce length of staying (LOS).


1.  Karlakki S, Brem M, Gianinni S, Khanduja V, et al., Negative Pressure Wound Therapy for management of the surgical incision in orthopaedic surgery. A review of evidence and mechanisms for an emerging indication. 2013. Bone Joint Res.2:76–84.