Author(s): Dr Darren L Johnson (US), Dr Luigi A Pederzini (IT), and Dr Adam Vincent Metzler (US)

25 May 2016

Anatomic ACL Reconstruction iBook cover

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The Anatomic ACL Reconstruction is a new interactive technique guide that reviews the latest innovations in anatomic ACL reconstructions. The options for primary ACL reconstruction are the transtibial approach, the outside in (2 incision) approach, and the hyperflexion technique (accessory anteromedial portal reaming). This technique guide features Dr Darren L Johnson, Dr Luigi A Pederzini, and Dr Adam Vincent Metzler.

This guide covers different ACL reconstruction techniques and details indications for one vs another. Beyond the technique steps, the guide also gives you a plethora of additional content at your fingertips: surgical videos, anatomic illustrations, technique tips and much more.

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