Çankaya Hospital, Ankara, Turkey

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This Visiting Surgeon Programme is designed to provide visiting surgeons with the opportunity to learn from an expert surgeon in a hospital environment. Visiting surgeons will observe live surgeries, and have the chance to discuss surgical procedures, techniques and devices.

VSP Host Surgeon

Dr Reha Tandoğan
Professor & Head of Department
Çankaya Hospital
Ankara, Turkey

Surgical approach: ACL and Knee Repair
Product applications: ULTRABUTTON™, BIOSURE™ HA
Operating days: To be confirmed upon request

Learning Objectives
After participating in this program, participants will be able to:
• Select appropriate patients for the procedure and formulate a pre-operative plan
• Brief the surgical team and position the patient appropriately
• Select and use instrumentation safely and correctly
• Expose the joint using the correct approach and surgical technique
• Outline post-operative management care

Participant profile
Visiting surgeons should have good experience of knee surgery, and good comprehension of English language

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