Dalhousie Orthopaedics, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Dr Ivan Wong
Dalhousie Orthopaedics
Halifax Canada

Dr Wong specializes in hip and shoulder arthroscopy, including new arthroscopic reconstructions of large rotator cuff tears and arthroscopic Latarjet procedures. He has helped to train many medical students, residents, fellows in sports medicine, as well as orthopaedic surgeons in sports medicine and arthroscopic procedures around the world. 

Dr. Wong grew up in Prince Edward Island and graduated from Acadia University. He was a gymnast for 16 years, competing nationally and internationally. He suffered an Achilles tear that ended his career as a competitive athlete, and then decided to focus his attention on treating elite athletes. His new goal has been to prevent athletes from getting injured, and returning injured athletes back to compete at an elite level. He is a current staff member of the Orthopaedic Surgery Team of Capital District Health Authority and serves as an Associate Professor with Dalhousie University. 

Surgery schedule: 
Flexible schedule. Please register your interest in attend to find available dates. 

Products/Approach used:
• FASTFIX 360™
• BIORAPTOR 2.3pk™    
• Werewolf™

Dr Wong


VSP Host Surgeon
Dr Ivan Wong

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