AZ West, Veurne, Belgium

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Dr Dieter Mortier 
AZ West
Veurne, Belgium

Dr Mortier welcomes visitors to the AZ West Hospital in Veurne (Belgium) to learn about the Direct Anterior Approach. Guests will see approximately 3 Total Hip Replacements between 08:00-13:00 on a Monday and/or Tuesday, with the opportunity to discuss the finer intricacies of the technique with a real expert. 

Dr Mortier is an experienced hip surgeon specialising in minimally invasive techniques using the DAA. He has performed over 2,500 DAA hip surgeries (approximately 80% primary, 20% fracture setting). Dr Mortier`s other specialities include arthroscopic hip, pelvic fractures, and endoscopic piriformis release.

Surgery Schedule:
Monday, Tuesday


Products/Approach used:  

  • R3 Acetabular System

Dr Dieter Mortier
Dr Dieter Mortier
Orthopaedic Hip Surgeon
AZ West Hospital
Veurne, Belgium

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