HCA Alderley Road Hospital, Manchester, UK

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Visiting Surgeon Programme (VSP)
VSPs are designed to provide visiting surgeons with the opportunity to learn from the expert host surgeon in their hospital environment. Guest surgeons will observe live surgeries, and have the chance to discuss surgical procedures, techniques and devices.

Host Surgeon: Prof L Funk
Wilmslow Hospital (HCA Private), Wilmslow, (near Manchester), UK

Prof Lennard Funk welcomes visitors to the northwest of England to broaden their knowledge on shoulder repair. Programmes can range from 1 to 3 days, including live surgery observations, 1-on-1 discussion, workshop, ward rounds and clinic. 

At the private Wilmslow Hospital visitors will have the opportunity to see standard procedures such as Rotator Cuff Repairs and Instability on Monday and/or Wednesday, with the possibility to attend clinic on Tuesday. On Thursday visitors can join Prof Funk at the world famous Wrightington public hospital where a wider mix of complex cases can be expected.

Prof Funk is clinical lead for the Postgraduate Orthopaedic Programme at Salford University, and he supervises undergraduate medical students for Manchester University. He is published widely in medical journals and partakes in and supervises numerous ongoing research projects locally and nationally.

Surgery schedule:
Private Wilmslow Hospital
Monday - Wednesday

Wrightington Public Hospital

Products/approaches used:

  • Beach chair position

Massive Cuff Tear, Bony Instability, HAGL

  • Q-FIX◊
  • HELICUT◊ burrs 
  • S&N Visualisation

Further information/participation
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(Please note that participation is subject to qualifying criteria) 

Prof Funk
Prof Lennard Funk
Orthopaedic Surgeon
Wrightington & Manchester Hospitals
North West England, UK

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