Mendrisio Regional Hospital, Switzerland

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The Mendrisio Regional Hospital is a modern facility situated in the southern part of the Swiss canton Ticino. 

Professor Taverna is dedicated to research and innovative techniques in the field of Shoulder Arthroscopy. Visiting Healthcare Professionals will be exposed to new arthroscopic techniques such as the treatment of concomitant bony defects with the accurate placement of tricortical bone graft flush on the anterior glenoid rim, followed by soft tissue fixation on the anterior glenoid rim. This technique allows an anatomic reconstruction of the unstable shoulder and repair of bony and soft tissue lesions. In addition, Professor Taverna can demonstrate an arthroscopically assisted Latarjet Procedure for anterior and posterior instability with a bone graft. 

Prof Taverna regularly participates and lectures at international shoulder meetings and courses, and has published various articles on shoulder arthroscopy in national and international orthopaedic journals. In his current practice, Prof. Taverna performs approximately 1000 procedures per year (90% shoulder surgery), and often operates on nationally-ranked professional athletes. 

Surgery Schedule:

  • Wednesday and Friday (Mendrisio) 
  • Thursday (Gravesano)

Products/Approach used:

  • Round ENDOBUTTON◊ W Suture
  • TWINFIX◊ 2.8+5.0mm
  • TWINFIX◊ Ultra 5.5mm

Professor Taverna

Professor Ettore Taverna
Private Practitioner
Mendrisio Regional Hospital (OBV)

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