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The orthopaedic team at the Pasteur 2 Teaching Hospital in Nice welcome visitors who are specifically interested in arthroscopic Latarjet for shoulder repair. Visitors will attend a 2-day programme including live surgery observation with Prof Pascal Boileau, and mini-lab practical training with Mme. Audrey Jacquel.

The Pasteur 2 Teaching Hospital (CHU Nice) is a new generation, ultra-modern hospital situated in the Pasteur district of Nice, France. This academic centre gathers on a single site all the disciplines relating to emergency including general emergency medicine and traumatology, neurosciences, cardiovascular, pneumo chest and metabolism. It has a capacity of 690 beds which are served by a medical technical support team. 

Prof Pascal Boileau
Head of Orthopaedics and Trauma surgery
CHU Nice, France
Professor Boileau
Prof Pascal Boileau is Head of Orthopaedic and Trauma surgery at Pasteur 2 Teaching Hospital. He holds the position of Vice-Dean of Biomedical Research and has received rewards for innovation of shoulder surgery prosthesis design and for clinical research related to reverse prosthesis. Prof. Boileau has been working on the Latarjet system for Shoulder Instability supported by the SN InVentures group for 8+ years. 

Mme. Audrey Jacquel
Orthopaedic Nurse
CHU Nice, France
Mme Audrey Jacquel
Audrey Jacquel studied Nurse Studies at the IFSI in Nice achieving her Diploma in 2002. She then worked in the intensive care service in cardiology at the Clinique Fontaine. In 2009 Audrey joined the orthopaedic service of the CHU Nice with Prof Boileau, and has been intrinsically involved with the development of Prof Boileau’s arthroscopic Latarjet technique.  

Surgery schedule:
Flexible schedule. Please register your interest in attend to learn more about available dates. 

Products/Approach used:

  • SUTUREFIX ULTRA Suture Anchor
  • ACCU-PASS◊ Suture Shuttle

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