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Training, communication and guidance

  • It is essential that your employees and sub-distributors understand and follow the requirements of the Smith & Nephew Code of Conduct.
    • It is vital that you ensure new hires are familiar with your policies and commitment to ethical business practices. Use this checklist to ensure you give your new employees the information they need to do their job in the right way.
  • Training on appropriate interactions with healthcare professionals and government officials.
  • Quick Reference Guide to Common Interactions - this one-page guide provides a high level summary of the rules for meals, gifts, sponsorship to an educational event and grants or donations.
  • Business conduct at a conference - use this to remind your employee and sub-distributors of your rules when they attend a business conference.
  • Certification - use to have employees and sub-distributors certify adherence to relevant laws, codes and polices.
  • Reporting concerns - make sure your employees and sub-distributors know they should raise any concerns they have about actual or potential violations of law, codes, or compliance requirements.