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Territory Manager, Sports Medicine, UK

“I was studying Psychology at university when I got talking to a friend who was working in wound care sales for Smith & Nephew. The way he talked about the role and his experience with the company got me interested in medical device sales.

“I now work in the Sports Medicine franchise at Smith & Nephew and every day is different. In general I would say that my time is split between working in theatre - either training on our products or supporting theatre teams; learning and researching techniques and trends; meeting with potential customers and cementing relationships with existing ones; and keeping in touch with my colleagues, the business and my customers.

“I think my favourite part of the job is the interactions I have with my customers. I believe that we sell solutions rather than products, so everything I do is about helping my customers to find answers to the problems they face. I really like the company: the way we work is both responsible and ethical; I feel proud of that.

“I feel privileged to be able to work in operating theatres so regularly. Certainly the experience that stands out most for me is my very first time in theatre. Up to that point, I hadn’t realised how much a rep can help in that environment. The difference that I can make supporting surgeons and the wider surgical team is both real and significant.

“We’re very lucky in the UK to be able to offer an excellent training facility to the surgeons we support. It’s a great feeling to be able to take a consultant away to the lab, help them to refine their surgical techniques and then watch as they put that into practice on a patient.

“I’m an enabling tech mentor for the UK, which means that I am available to my colleagues around the country to provide expertise and guidance on our Resection and Camera Stack products. My managers put me forward to be a mentor when I showed a particular interest in our enabling technologies. I have to say that being the expert that my colleagues turn to for advice is a good feeling!

 “If I had to summarise my experience of the company, I would say that there are good opportunities to progress and develop. The support structure in place is reassuring and they really invest in you. I really believe in the products I sell and I believe that they will genuinely help patients. I definitely see myself working for Smith & Nephew in the long-term; it’s a great company to work for.”

“Ultimately, I’d say that my role is extremely varied which keeps it interesting and challenging. It’s probably one of the most varied jobs in the world!” 


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