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CEO Awards 2017

As our 2017 CEO Award Winners show, every employee in the Company – regardless of role or function – can contribute to the success of Smith & Nephew and to our mission to support healthcare professionals in their efforts to improve patients' lives.

The recipients of this annual award – the highest honour of the Company – were recognized by CEO Olivier Bohuon at the recent Managing Director's meeting in Abu Dhabi. Olivier told the group, "The CEO Award is not only about sales, or performance, or values. Rather, it is about all of those things. It is dedicated to recognizing employees at all levels of our Company who make outstanding contributions for the benefit of all of Smith & Nephew.This year we received a number of excellent and very worthy nominations for the award, but three rose to the top."

This year's award winners are:

Karolina Solorzano, Human Resources Coordinator, GBS HR Services, Costa Rica

Karolina was nominated by Phil Priest, Senior Vice President, Global Business Services for the instrumental role she played in the successful migration of the first line of HR Services from Memphis to our GBS HR hub in Costa Rica. This was a very important effort to support our business and to save costs. Thanks to Karolina, the GBS Hub in Costa Rica has received very positive feedback and its performance continues to improve.

In addition to this, after only a few months with the business – Karolina proactively filled a critical gap in our GBS Travel and Expense Services team as well, helping to resolve some serious issues with our suppliers.

Jesus Pereira, Warehouse Operator, Puerto Rico

Jesus was nominated by Managing Director, Pedro Ramazzotti, for the incredible dedication he demonstrated following the devastating Hurricane that hit Puerto Rico in September. Jesus used a hand axe to cut away trees that blocked the road so that he could get to work the very day after the hurricane and helped to prepare and dispatch sets to support the first surgeries for trauma patients following the disaster. Not only did he manage to get to the site, he actually slept at Smith & Nephew for three days to ensure that any urgent situation to treat patients could be attended.

Lorraine Belleville, Packaging Operator and Team Coordinator, Mansfield, Massachusetts

Lorraine was nominated by Matt Griffith and Peter Blackler, her Manufacturing Manager and Supervisor, for the significant contributions she made to Mansfield's improvement of "Finished Goods" production by nearly 30% since 2016. Lorraine took initiative to improve the flow of work at the Mansfield site by introducing important tools such as a tracking scheme, daily production sheet and visual management.