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CUTINOVA Hydro is a unique, hydro-selective dressing that is the clear successor to hydrocolloids. It has been designed to offer all the benefits of a hydrocolloid with none of the drawbacks. Its special structure offers a unique mode of action, absorbing water from wound fluid, but leaving essential wound healing agents behind in the wound (reference - see clinical support). CUTINOVA Hydro therefore combines all the proven benefits of clean, moist wound healing with the ability to leave growth factors, essential agents in wound healing and other natural proteins on the wound bed.


  • Waterproof and bacteria proof
  • Water vapour permeable
  • Highly absorbent, even under compression
  • Hydro-selective
  • Does not break down in the wound
  • Conformable
  • Semi-transparent
  • Self-adhesive


Waterproof and bacteriaproof
The outer polyurethane layer of CUTINOVA Hydro is waterproof and bacteriaproof, which reduces the risk of infection and prevents cross contamination. It also allows the patient to shower or bathe without requiring a dressing change.

Water vapour permeable
CUTINOVA Hydro allows gaseous exchange and promotes a moist wound healing environment to help encourage the physiological wound healing process. The breathable outer surface of CUTINOVA Hydro therefore allows excess moisture to evaporate away from the dressing.

Highly absorbent, even under compression
Super absorbent particles within CUTINOVA Hydro absorb and lock away excess wound fluid, even under compression. Absorbed wound fluid cannot be squeezed out. CUTINOVA Hydro therefore minimises the risk of maceration and reduces the number of dressing changes required, saving nursing time.

CUTINOVA Hydro is hydro-selective - it selectively absorbs mainly water from wound exudate, but leaves the patient's own growth factors and proteins in the wound. Growth factors and other natural proteins are known to be essential agents in wound healing.

Does not break down in the wound
Unlike hydrocolloids, CUTINOVA Hydro remains intact when in contact with exudate and leaves no gel or dressing debris in the wound. Dressing changes are therefore easier for the caregiver and less traumatic for the patient; wound irrigation can be kept to a minimum.

CUTINOVA Hydro is highly conformable and moulds to all parts of the body for easy application and patient comfort. Several dressings can be overlapped to suit all wound sizes.

CUTINOVA Hydro is semi-transparent which allows the caregiver to observe the condition of the underlying wound without needing to remove the dressing. This reduces unnecessary dressing changes, minimises trauma to the wound and saves nursing time.

CUTINOVA Hydro adheres well to dry skin but will not stick to the wound. This ensures secure fixation but avoids painful dressing removal.


CUTINOVA Hydro is indicated for moderately to highly exuding wounds such as:

  • Leg ulcers
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Superficial and partial thickness burns
  • Diabetic ulcers


  • When used on clinically infected wounds, wounds must be inspected regularly, dressings changed daily and appropriate antibiotic therapy administered.
  • The use of oxidising agents e.g. hydrogen peroxide and hypochlorite solutions should be avoided with CUTINOVA Hydro.
  • CUTINOVA Hydro will not be effective if used on wounds covered with black necrotic eschar, unless used with a hydrogel e.g. Intrasite* Gel or if some exudate is present.


  • Full thickness wounds with exposed muscle, bone or tendon
  • Wounds surrounded by fragile skin

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How to Use

Cleanse wound according to local clinical protocol.

Step 1
Remove the release paper from the dressing.

Step 2
Ensure that the surrounding skin is clean and dry. Apply the dressing to the cleansed wound overlapping the wound edges by at least 2 cm.

Step 3
CUTINOVA Hydro needs no additional fixation, because it is self-adherent. However, depending on the location of the wound (e.g. high friction area such as the sacrum) a border of extra dressing fixation is recommended to prevent rolling of dressing (e.g. OPSITE FLEXIFIX).

Frequency of change
The frequency of dressing change depends on the level of wound exudate.  Change dressing when a whitish blister forms up to the edges of the dressing. The interval between the changes is one to several days. A dressing change is required at least once a week.

Dressing removal
Dressing change is easy because CUTINOVA Hydro can be removed completely from the wound with minimal pain. Cleanse the wound as required before applying a new dressing.

Please Note
CUTINOVA Hydro can be used under compression therapy.