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This information is intended for Healthcare Professionals only.

Renasys EZ


RENASYS EZ provides all the clinical benefits of negative pressure while improving performance in patient comfort, ease of use and cost-effectiveness. RENASYS EZ is indicated for a variety of surgical, traumatic and chronic wounds.



- Powerful pump that can manage highly exuding wounds
- Intuitive analogue controls
- Range of pressure settings
- Choice of canister options (250ml and 800ml)
- New bed rail and IV pole attachments
- Alarms including; Low Battery Alarm, Canister full, blockage and low vacuum alarm
- 40 hour battery life



- Flexibility to treat and manage the full spectrum of wounds
- New attachments enable easy use in an inpatient environment
- Full range of safety alarms helping you deliver secure and efficient treatment
- Robust and durable device
- Long battery life enables prolonged use in the OR
- Patient lock out function
 -Powerful pump with high flow rate that performs under pressure


Contraindications / Precautions

The use of the RENASYS EZ is contraindicated in the presence of:

- Eschar or necrotic tissue
- Untreated osteomyelitis
- Malignancy in wound (with exception of palliative care to enhance quality of life)
- Exposed arteries, veins or organs





 1. Precautions should be taken for patients who are or may be:

- Receiving anticoagulant therapy or platelet aggregation inhibitors, actively

- Bleeding or have weakened blood vessels or organs

- Suffering from difficult wound hemostasis

- Untreated for malnutrition

- Noncompliant or combative

- Suffering from wounds in close proximity to blood vessels or delicate fascia.

2. Infected wounds may require more frequent dressing changes. Continuous monitoring of the wound must be maintained to check for signs of infection.

3. Therapy should remain ON for the duration of the treatment. A dressing should not be left in place without active negative pressure wound therapy.
4. This device should only be used by qualified and authorised personnel. The user must have the necessary specialist knowledge of the specific medical application for which RENASYS EZ is being used.
5. If the device has been at temperatures below freezing, the device must be brought to room temperature prior to use or the pumping unit may be damaged.
6. Ensure the tubing is installed completely and without any kinks to avoid leaks or blockages in the vacuum circuit.
7. Position the device and tubing appropriately to avoid the risk of causing a trip hazard and so the patient does not lie on the tubing.

8. Always use the smallest canister volume possible.

9. Do not use the 800 ml/cc canisters on patients with a high risk of bleeding.

10. Underlying structures, such as bone and tendon, must be covered by the nonadherent dressing layer.
11. Inspect the dressing site as appropriate based on therapeutic need.
12. The vacuum level should never be painful. If the patient reports discomfort with the vacuum level, consider reducing the pressure.
13. RENASYS EZ is only to be used with Smith & Nephew authorised components.

14. RENASYS EZ is only to be used in the upright position.
Code Description Items per unit
66800059 RENASYS EZ Device Bx/1
66800058 RENASYS EZ Canister Kit (250ml) Bx/10
66800423 RENASYS EZ Canister Kit (800ml) Bx/10