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VERSAJET Maintaining the Power Console



There are no user serviceable parts within the console, however there are several maintenance items to be observed.


CAUTION - Unplug the unit before starting any maintenance on the console.

The fan slots and slots on the bottom of the console should be kept free from obstructions and periodically be inspected for excessive build-up of dust and/or foreign material. A vacuum cleaner should be used to clean the fan slots of any loose debris. The inside of the console clamp should be inspected periodically for build-up of deposits and/or debris. A damp cloth soaked in mild detergent can be used to remove material. Do not soak the inside of the clamp. Excessive fluid could cause damage. At the end of the console's useful life, dispose of the console according to local regulations.


Cleaning the Power Console

Follow your healthcare facility standard procedures for decontaminating surgical equipment. The following are the manufacturer's recommendations for console decontamination: Wipe all surfaces of the console with paper towels or a cloth soaked in a disinfectant solution. Sporicidin® Disinfectant (1.12% glutaraldehyde 1.93% phenol/phenate) or an equivalent high-level disinfectant is recommended. Dilute the disinfectant solution according to the manufacturer's instructions. After disconnecting the foot pedal and power cable from the power source, wipe down all exposed surfaces of both components in accordance with the guidance for the console. Dispose of towels, gloves and gown in accordance with your healthcare facility's standard guidelines for biohazardous waste disposal.


CAUTION - Do not sterilise or immerse the Power Console or the Foot Switch.


Replacing the Power Cord

If the power cord is damaged, it can be removed from the Power Console. FIRST, REMOVE THE PLUG FROM THE WALL OUTLET. Remove plug from console. Contact a Smith & Nephew representative to order a replacement power cord.


Replacing the Foot Switch

If the foot switch is damaged, it should be removed from the Power Console. Contact a Smith & Nephew representative to order a replacement foot switch.


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