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Education & Events

The Smith & Nephew Global Wound Academy has been developed to provide worldwide access to education and information about the therapeutic area of wound management. It has been designed so you can decide when and what you study - the choice is entirely up to you! 

The Academy aims to offer a series of modular based courses at different levels, within which you can extend your knowledge of wound care. Interactive patient studies enable you to assess, diagnose and treat patients based on their medical history and the results of clinical tests. You can then find out if your diagnosis and subsequent treatment correlate with the latest thinking in wound care. 

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Workshops, Courses and Meetings

In conjunction with leading clinicians and researchers, Smith & Nephew develops, organises and delivers educational events focused on specific indication areas such as wound care and leg ulcers. In addition, Smith & Nephew provides a comprehensive range of in-service options based on customer need. This degree of flexibility is designed to optimise educational support so that resources supporting product use are congruent with the dynamics of the diverse health environment.

Smith & Nephew has also researched and developed several tools for the assessment and management of various wound types. 




e3Learning - Online learning 

Online learning is also offered through three e3Learning modules, a convenient and flexible approach to online learning. 

Enhance your knowledge of the latest wound management principles on: Wound Bed Preparation, Pressure Ulcers and Skin Tears using the STAR Skin Tear Classification System1.

The modules cater for different learning styles with the option of audio accompanying each module. Instant feedback is provided on the application and retention of knowledge is confirmed by completing short interactive activities and assessments.

A 'Certificate of Completion' is issued for each module.

Additional features are available upon request including the ability to generate reports at an organisational level for accreditation.


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Completion of one module earns you the Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) point as part of the Royal College of Nursing, Life Long Learning Program.





A core philosophy of Smith & Nephew is healing through understanding.

It is for this reason we have developed a national series of wound management, casting, and compression courses. We support the idea that improved knowledge of best practice in key indications (e.g. diabetic wounds) and an understanding of how to use our products most effectively achieves better healing outcomes and cost savings.





Wound Management Seminars 

The Smith & Nephew Wound Seminar is a comprehensive one-day program that provides an overview of the core parameters related to holistic wound management, with integration of current trends related to clinical practice. Content includes revision of:

  • anatomy and physiology of skin
  • physiology of acute wound healing
  • physiology of chronic wound healing
  • holistic wound assessment and clinical descriptors for wound documentation
  • a series of case studies to apply new concepts
  • core product groups designed to meet the changing needs of the local wound environment




Attendance at this seminar earns you 6 Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) points as part of the Royal College of Nursing, Life Long Learning Program.




Venous Leg Ulcer Seminars 

Venous leg ulcers form a large component of the chronic leg ulcer group. Accurate assessment is essential to clarify the underlying aetiology and to facilitate implementation of the most appropriate treatment pathway to optimise healing. The Smith & Nephew Venous Leg Ulcer Seminar discusses the:

  • Human and Economic Cost of Wounds
  • Holistic Leg Ulcer Assessment
  • Pathophysiology of The Aetiology
  • Vascular Assessment and Investigative Pathways
  • Management Pathways to Optimise Healing
  • Compression Therapy (Theory and Workshop)
  • Wound bed Preparation
  • An Overview of Arterial, Diabetes-related Foot Ulcers and Mixed Ulcers with a Clinical Profile for Each










Completion of one module earns you the Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) point as part of the Royal College of Nursing, Life Long Learning Program.



Contact Us 

For more information on any Smith & Nephew educational program, please contact us through:

1. The Smith & Nephew office in your state,

2. Customer Service Team on 13 13 60 or email us at





1. Carville K, et al. STAR: a consensus for skin tear classification. Primary Intent. 2007;5:18-28.