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Chairman’s statement

Dear Shareholder,

I am delighted to present Smith & Nephew’s 2015 Annual Report. During the year the Group made good financial and strategic progress. The increase in underlying revenue growth, trading profit margin and adjusted earnings year-on-year reflect management’s actions to improve both our commercial performance and operational efficiency.

Revenue was $4.6 billion, up 4% on an underlying basis before adjusting for currency and the benefits from acquisitions. Trading profit was $1.1 billion. The trading profit margin was 23.7%, up 80bps on the previous year. Adjusted earnings per share were 85.1¢, up 2%.

The Board is proposing a final dividend for the year of 19.0¢ per share, giving a total dividend distribution for 2015 of 30.8¢, up 4% year-onyear and slightly ahead of earnings growth, reflecting our confidence in the business.


We have continued to pursue the same strategy as in previous years, building a strong position in Established Markets, focusing on Emerging Markets, innovating for value, simplifying and improving our operating model and supplementing organic growth with acquisitions. The Board’s oversight ensures that management remains focused on these strategic priorities and that investments are made in line with these objectives

In 2015, the Board has continued our programme of understanding the business more deeply. We scheduled a number of sessions at the Board meetings held in 2015 looking at different aspects of our business, including reviews of our European business with a focus on Iberia, our Emerging Markets business with a focus on China, and the development of products for the mid-tier. Our Board site visit to Durban, South Africa gave us insights into one of our oldest and fastest growing overseas businesses.

Our annual Strategy Review in September included presentations and discussions on a wide range of different areas of our business. This meeting underpins our confidence in management’s strategic priorities and future progress. Members of the Board also attend significant management meetings. For instance, during 2015, I attended the Managing Director’s meeting and Robin Freestone attended the CEO led meeting for top talent. We also attend investor presentations.

Corporate governance

As a Board, we feel strongly that good corporate governance lies at the heart of a wellrun Company. Openness and transparency, accountability and responsibility should run through everything that we do, both as a Board and throughout the business as a whole. The Board and I aim to set the tone at the top which pervades throughout the organisation.

Later in this report, as well as the standard corporate governance disclosures we are required to make, you will find reports from Ian Barlow, Michael Friedman, myself and Joseph Papa, the Chairmen of our Board Committees on the activities of these committees throughout the year (pages 68 to 79). These reports explain where we focused our work in 2015 and our plans for 2016.

Risk management and the Viability Statement

During 2015, we spent time considering what work would need to be done to make us feel comfortable in making the new Viability Statement. Both the Board and the Audit Committee received papers from the Group Risk Officer during the year and we discussed risk in depth at our Annual Strategy Meeting in September.

Board succession planning

We continued the work we started in 2014 in refreshing the Board following the retirement of some longer-serving directors. Vinita Bali joined the Board at the end of 2014. She was followed by Erik Engstrom in January 2015 and Robin Freestone in September 2015. After the changes to Board composition made over the past two years, we are confident that we now have a Board with the appropriate balance of skills, experience and diversity to lead Smith & Nephew through the next stage of our history.

Olivier Bohuon

In February we announced that our Chief Executive Officer, Olivier Bohuon, had been diagnosed with a highly treatable form of cancer. Olivier will remain Chief Executive Officer and be actively involved in running the Company through much of his treatment period, which is expected to be completed by late autumn. The Board has approved provisional governance procedures to ensure the effective operation of Smith & Nephew during the treatment period, and I will provide executive oversight if required.

Sir John Buchanan

It is with great sadness that we learnt of the passing of our former Chairman of the Board, Sir John Buchanan, during the year. Sir John was a wise, distinguished and respected colleague who served Smith & Nephew and many other companies with great distinction. His legacy of integrity, strong values and high standards will live on here at Smith & Nephew.

Thank you for placing your trust in us as a Board by holding shares in Smith & Nephew. The Board takes our responsibilities very seriously and look forward to continuing to govern the Company in 2016 and returning good results for you, our shareholders.

Yours sincerely, 


Roberto Quarta



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