Our business today

We have leadership positions in Orthopaedic Reconstruction, Advanced Wound Management, Sports Medicine and Trauma. We group these product franchise areas into two global divisions; Advanced Surgical Devices and Advanced Wound Management.

Revenue by business division $bn

Revenue by business division

Advanced Surgical Devices

Smith & Nephew’s Advanced Surgical Devices global business has leadership positions in Orthopaedic Reconstruction, Sports Medicine and Trauma. It is headquartered in the USA in Andover, MA and Memphis, TN.

Advanced Wound Management

Smith & Nephew’s Advanced Wound Management global business is a leader in advanced wound care dressings, negative pressure wound therapy and other advanced wound management technologies. It is headquartered in Hull, UK.

Financial highlights

Highlights and charts of Smith & Nephew's financial performance in 2012.


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1 Explanations of these non-GAAP financial measures are provided on pages 44 to 46 of the Annual Report 2012.
2 Underlying growth percentage after adjusting for the effect of currency translation and disposals.
3 Healthpoint was acquired in December 2012. The average employee number does not include the 460 Healthpoint employees who joined us through this acquisition.