Financial highlights


$4.137bn  +2%


Trading profit1,2

$965m  +6%

 Trading profit

Adjusted earnings per share1 (EPSA)

75.7 cents  +2%


Trading profit margin1

23.3%  +80bps

Trading profit to cash conversion


Earnings per share (EPS)

81.3 cents  +25%


Operating profit2

$846m  +5%

 Operating profit

Dividend per share

26.10 cents  +50%

Dividend per share

Operating profit margin

20.4%  +20bps

Operating profit as a percentage of cash generated from operations


Research & development expenditure

$171m  +2%



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1 Explanations of these non-GAAP financial measures are provided on pages 44 to 46 of the Annual Report 2012.
2 Underlying growth percentage after adjusting for the effect of currency translation and disposals.