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Regulatory & compliance

Code of conduct and business principles

Smith & Nephew earns trust with patients, customers, healthcare professionals, authorities and the public by acting in an honest and fair manner in all aspects of its operations. We expect the same from those with whom we do business, including distributors and independent agents that sell our products, as well as vendors that interact with others on our behalf. Our Code of Conduct and Business Principles (‘Code’) governs the way we operate to achieve these objectives.

Smith & Nephew takes into account ethical, social, environmental, legal and financial considerations as part of its operating methods. We have a robust whistle-blowing system in all jurisdictions in which Smith & Nephew operates. We are committed to upholding our promise in our Code that we will not retaliate against anyone who makes a report in good faith.

New employees receive training on our Code, and we assign annual compliance training to employees. In 2013, we created two additional courses: a refresher course on Preventing Bribery and Corruption and ‘Effective Communication’.

Global compliance programme

Smith & Nephew has implemented what we believe is a world-class Global Compliance Programme that helps our businesses manage risk and comply with laws and regulations. In 2013, Smith & Nephew continued to strengthen its comprehensive compliance programme, which includes global policies and procedures, on-boarding and annual training for its employees, managers, independent agents and key employees of distributors and high risk vendors around the world, monitoring and auditing processes, and reporting channels.

Through a global intranet website, we provide resources and tools to guide employees to make decisions that comply with the law and our Code and earn trust. We conduct advance review and approval for any significant interactions with healthcare professionals or government officials.

New distributors are subject to due diligence and are contractually obligated to comply with applicable laws and our Code. Their management are required to take compliance training and certify that they will ensure their employees and agents comply with the law and our Code.

In 2013, we launched a compliance programme toolkit, in multiple languages, for our distributors to provide them with the resources to establish their own compliance programme. The toolkit includes draft policies, training materials and approval forms.

Compliance website

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Smith & Nephew has a strong reputation for integrity and ethical conduct. Our name and products are trusted everywhere around the world. Our Compliance website contains our legal and ethical principles for carrying out business and applies both to employees and to others who act for us

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